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Fengshi Yang and Cheyo Wang’s Compositions
Live performance Recordings

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For a supporting gift of $15, we’ll send a copy of a CD selected from below as a special souvenir for you to enjoy. Please also add a handling/mailing fee of $5.00 for up to three CDs you wish to select.  Scores and parts are also available for many of these pieces (check – A List of Our Compositions). Thank you very much for your support of the music arts.  For detailed information, please contact us at: EMW@wideopenwest.com
#1 Ballade --- Chamber and Orchestral Works of Fengshi Yang
#2 The Golden Dance --- Orchestral Works of Cheyo Wang
#3 Rising Winds --- Vocal Music of Fengshi Yang and Cheyo Wang
#4 Folk Love Songs --- Arrangements of Fengshi Yang and Cheyo Wang
#5 My World here’s to You -- Fengshi Yang & Cheyo Wang ‘s Composition Highlights(1993—2000)

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