EMW Music Arts Concerts Overview

(1) World Repertoires Performed

  1. Music for Traditional Instruments
  2. Folk Songs
  3. Other Chamber/Orchestral & Vocal Music
(2) Compositions Created and Arranged by Fengshi & Cheyo
(3) Non-Western Instruments Introduced
(4) Soloists

(1) World Repertoires Performed:   [Go To the Top]

(a) Music for Traditional Instruments (21):
  1. Horse Racing (erhu solo)
  2. Serene Evening (erhu solo)
  3. Rhapsody (erhu & piano)
  4. The Song of Grape Harvest (erhu & yangqin)
  5. Autumn Moon (gaohu, a high-pitched erhu solo)

  6. Butterfly Dance (konghou solo)
  7. The Moonlight is over the Spring River (konghou solo)
  8. Chanterís Tune (double harp solo)
  9. Mrs. Farrell (excelled harp solo)

  10. Dragon Boat Race (pipa solo)
  11. Lao Tong (pipa solo)
  12. The Spring of Tien-Shan (pipa solo)
  13. Torch Festival Dance (yuan solo)

  14. Mountain Song (yangqin solo)
  15. Spring in the Green Lake (yangqin solo)
  16. A Musical Brocade (zheng solo)
  17. Chanting at Twilight (zheng solo)
  18. Harvest (zheng solo)

  19. Pastorale (bangdi, a high-pitched bamboo flute solo)
  20. Traveling in the City of Su-Zhou (qudi, bamboo flute solo)
  21. The Riverside Scene at Qingming (xiao, a vertical bamboo flute solo)
(b) Folk Songs (28):  [Go To the Top]
  1. My Flower (soprano solo)
  2. The Song of Dawn (soprano solo)
  3. Dodar and Maria (mezzo-soprano solo)
  4. Mayila (mezzo-soprano solo)
  5. Rozilam Stands on the Rive Bank (tenor solo)
  6. Da-Ban City (bass solo)
  7. Gazelle, Gazelle, How do You Think of it (bass solo)
  8. I Wonít Brush the Mud off My Shoes (bass solo)
  9. The Fragrance of the Jujube Flower (vocal duo)
  10. Where Comes the Caravan (vocal duo)
  11. Gan-Ba-Za (singing & dance)
  12. Iíve Sold a Red Fresh Apple (singing & dance)

  13. The Half Moon Rose in the Sky (mixed choir, a cappella)
  14. Alamha (mixed choir)
  15. The Dance of Youth (mixed choir)
  16. In that Distant Realm (mixed choir)
  17. Peeking under Your Veil (mixed choir)
  18. Under the Silver Moonlight (mixed choir)

  19. A Cup of Tea (soprano solo)
  20. Kangting Love Song (soprano solo)
  21. Hsi-Lin-Jiang (tenor solo)
  22. Little White Doe (tenor solo)
  23. Modanhan (bass solo)
  24. My Sweetheart "Hong-Tsai" (bass solo)
  25. Song of the Volgal Boatman (bass solo)

  26. By the River's Flow (vocal duo)
  27. Carriage and Eyebrows (vocal duo)
  28. Serenade the Moon, then the Sun (mixed choir)
(c) Other Chamber/Orchestral & Vocal Music (45):
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  1. Puccini: Arias from "Madama Butterfly" (soprano solo)
  2. Puccini: Arias from "Turandot" (soprano solo)
  3. Richard Rogers: The King and I (soprano solo)
  4. Robin Wang: The Tall Poplars (tenor solo)
  5. Robin Wang: Waiting (tenor solo)
  6. Li Yinghai, arr. : The Moonlight is over the Spring River (piano solo)
  7. Songtong: In that Distant Realm (piano solo)
  8. Spanish Renaissance: Varicliones Populares (pedal harp solo)
  9. Geroge Gershiwin, Jascha Heifetz, arr.: "Summertime" (violin solo)
  10. William Kroll : Banjo and Fiddle (violin solo)
  11. Yuan Mao: The Joy of New Spring (violin ensemble)
  12. Jiayang Wang: Hua-er (violin ensemble)
  13. Vaughan Williams : Fantasia on Greensleeves (chamber orchestra)
  14. Borodin: In the Steppes of Central Asia (symphonic orchestra)

  15. Douglas Moore: Willow Song (soprano solo)
  16. Samuel Barber: Sure on this Shining Night (baritone solo)
  17. Mitch Leigh: The Impossible (baritone solo)
  18. Henry Mancini: Moon River (a cappella, womenís choir)
  19. R.M. Sherman: Chim Chim Cher-ee (a cappella, womenís choir))
  20. Aaron Copland: Vocalize (flute solo)
  21. Stephen Foster: Beautiful Dreamer (flute solo)
  22. Chinpin Chang: Harvest (violin ensemble)
  23. Anton Dvorak: String Quartet No. 12 in F Major

  24. Leonard Bernstein: Tonight (vocal duo)
  25. Peixun Chen, arr.: A Calm River with the Autumn Moon (piano solo)
  26. Claude Debussy: Clair de Lune (piano solo)
  27. John Ireland: Pastorale (string orchestra)

  28. Yuamjen Chao: Thinking of Her (bass solo)
  29. Gounod: Arias from "Faust " (bass solo)
  30. Gang Chen/Zhanhao He: Butterfly Concerto (violin solo)
  31. Ravel: Tzigane Rhapsody (violin solo)
  32. Bartok: Rumania Folk Dance (string orchestra)

  33. Samuel Barber: Adagio (string orchestra)
  34. J.S. Bach: Adagio, Sonata No.1 in G minor (violin solo)
  35. Mendelssohn: On Wings of Song (violin solo)
  36. Faure: Elegy (cello solo)
  37. J.S. Bach: Adagio, from Tacaato in C for Organ (cello solo)
  38. J.S. Bach: Sarabande, from Suite No. 3 (cello solo)

  39. Jacquest Ibert: Concertino de Camera, 2nd & 3rd movements (alto saxophone solo)
  40. Paul Maurica: Tableaux de Provence, no.3, La Boumlano (alto saxophone solo)
  41. Darius Milhaud: Scaramouche, No.3, Brazileira (alto saxophone solo)
  42. Aaron Copland: Three Latin American Sketches (orchestra)
  43. Massenet: Meditation (violin solo)
  44. Kuochuan Li: Fishermenís Chanting (violin solo)
  45. Rachmaninoff: Vocalize (violin solo)

(2) Compositions Created and Arranged by Fengshi & Cheyo (56):   [Go To the Top]

  1. A Cup of Tea (soprano solo)
  2. Da-Ban City (bass solo)
  3. The Fragrance of the Jujube Flower (vocal duo)
  4. Where Comes the Caravan (vocal duo)
  5. La-Ti-Pa (mixed choir, a cappella)
  6. Prelude (mixed choir, a cappella)
  7. Alamha (mixed choir & orchestra)
  8. In that Distant Realm (mixed choir & orchestra)
  9. No Regret for Seeking (mixed choir & orchestra)
  10. Under the Silver Moonlight (choir & orchestra)
  11. Ballad-in that Distant Realm (violin & piano)
  12. Nazugum & Carriage (flute solo)
  13. Mondanhan & Chimandi (clarinet solo)

  14. The Spring Glory and Autumn Fruits (soprano solo)
  15. The Half Moon (vocal duo)
  16. You and Me (vocal duo)
  17. On My Way (men's choir)
  18. Etude on C (piano solo)
  19. Toccatina (piano solo)
  20. Ha-Sun (string ensemble)
  21. Han-Tein-Lei (piano & orchestra)
  22. Su-San (piano & orchestra)
  23. Oí America (piano & string orchestra)

  24. By the Riverís Flow (vocal duo)
  25. Carriage and Eyebrows (vocal duo)
  26. Kangting Love Song (soprano & string orchestra)
  27. Hsi-Lin-Jiang (tenor with string orchestra)
  28. Little White Doe (tenor & string orchestra)
  29. Rising Winds and Geese in Flight (mixed choir)
  30. The Half Moon (mixed choir & orchestra)
  31. Serenade the Moon, then the Sun (mixed choir & orchestra)
  32. Alamha (string quintet)
  33. Nocturne (two flutes, three horns and a guitar)

  34. Loving Thoughts (soprano solo)
  35. Peacock Feathers Blue and Green (baritone solo)
  36. Rejoice (violin ensemble)
  37. Rejoice (concert band)
  38. Dance of Golden Dragons (string orchestra)
  39. Serenade (string orchestra/ or String quartet)
  40. Land of Glory (piano & string orchestra)

  41. My World, Here is to You (vocal duo /mixed choir & orchestra)
  42. Ballade ĖIn that Distant Realm (violin concerto)
  43. Romance Lí Image (clarinet concerto)
  44. The Dove (mezzo-soprano & string orchestra)
  45. Moonlight Mirrored in the Twin Springs (erhu & strings)
  46. Prelude (orchestra)

  47. A Chilly Summer (soprano solo)
  48. We are still Young (menís voice with tape)
  49. We Should Overcome (string orchestra)
  50. Loving Song (alto saxophone and harp)
  51. Dance of Golden Dragons (pipa concerto)
  52. Ballade -- Symphonic Poem 99 (cello concerto)
  53. Tiananmen (piano & strings -- orchestral arrangment)
  54. Brazileira (alto saxophone, piano & strings -- orchestral arrangment)
  55. The Half Moon (oboe, bassoon, harp & strings)
  56. Loving Soul (oboe, bassoon, harp & strings)

(3) Non-Western Instruments Introduced (10):   [Go To the Top]

Bowed instruments:
Erhu --- (two-stringed fiddle)
Gaohu --- (high-pitched two-stringed fiddle)

Plucked instruments:
Konghou (harp)
Pipa (lute)
Zheng (zither)
Yuan (mandolin)

Wind instruments:
Bangdi (high-pitched bamboo flute)
Qudi (bamboo flute)
Xiao (vertical bamboo flute)

Hammered instruments:
Yangqin (dulcimer)

(4) Soloists (42):   [Go To the Top]

Chinese Legendary Folk Musician, Robin Wang
The Lyric Opera of Chicago Principal Harpist: Elizabeth Cifani
Chicago Symphony Orchestra Assistant Principal Clarinetist: John Bruce Yeh
Chicago Symphony Orchestra cellist: Gary Stucka
Chinese Renowned Basso:Ke-Zheng Wen

Soprano: Theresa Chang, Rwei F. Hao, Monica Harris , Mingzhen Lin, Carol Loverde
Mezzo-soparno: Ning Ding, Nelda Nelson-Eaton
Tenor: Yi Ge, Pin Huang, Roger Scanlan, Weiguo Wang, Lianshen Yu
Baritone: Bin Liu
Bass: Zongshun Cui, Joe Zhu
Flute: Joanne Galler
Clarinet: Stan Daivs
Oboist: Alicia Cordoba Tait
Bassoonist: Jie Chen
Alto-saxophonist: Lawrence Van Oyen
Piano: Esther Chang, Terry Cheng , William Goldenberg, Julia Sun, Fengshi Yang
Harp: Fengshi Yang
Violin: Manman Jiang , Frank Lu, Meimei Wei,
Erhu: Guanglong Li, Guowei Wang, Jing Wang
Yangqin: Kim Murley
Pipa: Mei Su, Ming Ke
Bamboo Flutes: Kerry Lueng
Zheng: Ann Yao
Joy Yu Hoffman