Symphonic Poem 99 – Cello Concerto (time: ca. 35:00) composed between 1998 and 2000 by Fengshi Yang.

This is an unusual three-movement symphonic work. The 1st movement is a light prelude which is exclusively for strings, solo cello joins in at the end of the movement which leads into the 2nd movement through a long sustaining note. The 2nd movement, ballade, is mainly for cello solo. Lyrical and expressive, it opens with a soloist’s endless "singing" phrase supported by a very low sustaining note on double basses. The strings and woodwinds come in at the last part of this movement, followed by a set of drums, which serves as a bridge between the 2nd and 3rd movements. Finally, brasses enter where the 3rd movement, Infinitude, begins. This full orchestra with a cello solo movement finishes the piece with grandeur. The musical themes are influenced by folk tunes of Mongolian and Xinjing ethnic groups residing along the Silk Road Route. It is a song of memories, a song of dreams and a song of life.

Previous Photo: Gary Stucka, soloist